Saturday, September 5, 2009

ABT Scirocco & MK6 GTI Preview

Had breakfast at Bodega's and walked over to ABT to check out the ABT Scirocco and Mk6 GTI. I must say both cars were very impressive, bound to do as well as the previous mk5 GTI. VW showroom was packed, with a very racially balanced crowd, shows the wide appeal of VW


To be honest, i never liked the mk6 in photos and even when i saw it in real life, the stock car was just..blah. But the ABT package does a very good job of spicing up the Mk6's rather bland looks. The quad exhaust is unique and bound to be the most populor option among the next crop of GTI owners, another point to note is that the interior of the mk 6 is a vast improvement over the mk5. The new steering wheel and instrument cluster is a definate improvement without looking too "techy" and cold like some jap models

But at rm47k for the entire ABT package, it just doesnt make sense to get it. Unless you are short on cash and want to bundle all your mods into your loan and stretch it for 9 years. I still feel the best option is to buy a stock car, and mix and max...prolonging the joy of modding over the ownership period of the car

Wheels - RM23.5k (Holy mother of god!!) O_0
Bodykit +muffler - RM 18.5k
Remap - RM6k

Est price of stock car - RM210-RM220k
Est launch date - Q4 2009


Im in love.....i want The salsa red scirocco looks smashing, low and mean, it gives off a very diffrent vibe from the GTI.

The version on show had a moonroof that covered the whole front portion of the roof, pity it would not be available on the msian spec version.

The only drawback of the Scirocco is the interior which borrows heavily from the mk5 GTI, in fact the only diffrence is the aircon vents. Mind you, i love the mk5 interior...but having seen the mk6, makes it kinda like the bland older sister.

According to sources, by early next year, the Scirocco "mk2" will be out, with TSI engines and mk6 interior

As with the ABT golf, the abt package is rediculously priced at rm45k.

Est price - RM230k-RM240k
Est launch date - Oct

This interior is looked like the owner DIY with red spray paint from ACE hardware

My Cunning plan for 2009/2010
- Persuade dearest wife to let me use her swift as downpayment for a new Roc
- Order in the Rieger front bumper
- Get VW to install a Mk6 steering wheel as part of the sale


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Michael said...

Please. You forget the rims and lowered suspension.